Monday, September 26, 2011

Frankfurt auto show ends on a high note

 The global economy may be in  turmoil but the global auto industry continues to show signs of life. Attendance at the  huge Frankfurt Auto Show, which is held every other year,  climbed 10 percent, acccording to the shows organizers, indicating the enthusiasm for new vehicles is still very much alive in Germany, the largest market for new vehicles in Europe.  Strong attendance at auto shows is considered a good indicator of future sales and the attendance in Frankfurt suggested sales of new vehicles will remain stable despite the continuing controversy over Europe's banks,  soverign debt and the Euro.  The Frankfurt show not only attracts visitors from Germany but also Western and Central Europe. Organizers said the 64th IAA Cars gathered speed once again on the home straight as visitor interest climbed over the last weekend.  The show, which describes its self as the world's "most important mobility trade fair"  opened on 15 September and closes its gates at 7.00 pm on 25 September counted  928,000 visitors, organizers reported. "This stream of visitors demonstrates that for many people the fascination exerted by cars continues unabated" noted Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry in a statement, summing up the show. The Frankfurt show was highlighted by the unveiling of a series of new concept vehicles not only by German and European carmakers but also by General Motors and its Opel subsidiary  and by Ford Motor Co., which used the show to unveil an important design study. By Joseph Szczesny


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