Thursday, October 27, 2011

 After several false starts, the Chinese automaker BYD is finally ready to start selling its electric vehcles to consumers in China.  The five passenger sedan is the very first domestic, long-range, all-electric vehicle for sale to consumers in China, BYD officials noted. The BYD e6, will be available for consumer purchases Consumers in Shenzhen where the vehicle is being launched will receive a substantial government subsidy – about $18,000. The e6 unsubsidized price for e6 is $56,900.  BYD said  EV charging infrastructure  in the city of Shenzhen is steadily sight in Shenzhen and have been in operation in government and taxi fleets for nearly 18 months.  The  Shenzhen taxi fleet is already using BYD’s e6 exclusively, having accumulated over 3.8 Million fleet miles, helping prove out the  battery performance The new e6 will be powered by BYD’s independently developed Iron-Phosphate, which have a driving range of over 190 miles before need to recharge, which is nearly double the range of its closest 4-seat competitor.  In addition to the longest driving range, BYD also provides superior charging solutions for both consumers who want to charge at the rapid-charging  stations in Shenzhen or own their own private parking and prefer to charge overnight or with renewable
power.  By Joseph Szczesny


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