Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LaSorday takes over as Fisker CEO

Tom LaSorda,  the former Chrysler and General Motors  executive, has been named chief executive officer of Fisker Automotive.  LaSorda replaces Henrik Fisker who will remain  as executive  chairman and diesign chief of the California-based company.
 Fisker is the first new American automobile company is the first new Ameican Automobile company in more than 60 years to put a fully certified vehicle on the road. The new Fisker  Karma is an extended range electric vehicle, meaning it runs on electricity by has a conventional internal combustion  engine to serve as on on-board generator,  that gets more than 52 miles  per gallon but can run almost indefinitely by using named Luxury Car of the Year by the British televisio show “Top Gear.”
 he 57-year-old LaSorda will have plenty of challenges.  The launch of the l it is behind schedule and it needs to raise money to finish the development of second vehicle, which is smaller less expensive version  of the Karma and to renegotiate $528 million in federal loans.
 LaSorda said founder Henrik Fisker “didn’t have to twist my arm,” adding that he is “impressed with the passion that’s here…and the company itself. But I am more impressed with the product,” both the Karma and the still-secret Project Ninn
 The son of a Canadian auto union leader, LaSorda crossed into management into the ranks of management first at GM, where he earned reputation for  as a troubleshooter and then with Chrysler.  He served as the CEO of the smallest domestic maker during its final years as part of DaimlerChrysler AG.
When the troubled Detroit maker was sold off to Cerberus Capital, LaSorda agreed to a demotion, serving as co-president.  He left in 2009, following the Chrysler bankruptcy and restructuring, as the carmaker was effectively taken over by Italy’s Fiat SpA. He then went on to serve as consultant during Penske Automotive Group’s effort to revive the Saturn brand. By Joseph Szczesny


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