Monday, February 6, 2012

Ford, Chevy continue battle over truck claims

 Ford Motor Co. Monday continued to attack arch rival Chevrolet over claims made in a Super Bowl but stopped short of taking any king of legal action.
 “We made our point,” said Ford spokesman Mike Levine, who noted the company’s protest had called attention to Ford’s own claims of product superioriity.
  “Any further action will be up to our legal team,” said Levine, who noted Ford outsold Chevrolet by more than 70,000 units last year.
 “We don't agree with some of GM's claims in their ad, particularly around durability,” he siad.
  “What's important is that Ford F-Series is proud to be the best-selling truck in America for 35 years, the best-selling vehicle in America for 30 years and Ford is the brand with the most pickup trucks on the road with more than 250,000 miles - demonstrating just how durable our trucks are in the real world,” Levine said.
  GM didn’t change the ad, which featured a Chevrolet Silverado driving through a destroyed city leveled the 2010 Mayan Apocalypse to a rendezvous point The ad pokes fun at Ford by noting one friend, who happens to own a Ford truck, didn’t make it to the rendezvous.
 Chevrolet is expected to use the add again on future television programming.
  Pickup trucks  account for 12 percent of all light duty trucks sold in the U.S.  and between them Chevrolet’s parent, General Motors and Ford, account for more than 70 percent of all sales. The trucks are also major profit centers for both companies. By Joseph Szczesny


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