Friday, May 25, 2012

Escalade to carry on as Cadillac remakes line-up

 Cadillac is in the midst of rebuiliding its product line with launch of
the new XTS and ATS. A new version of the CTS and the Cadillac, which is 
built around the same technology as the Volt will follow. 
But General Motors also has quietly confirmed that it is preparing a 
replacement for the Cadillac Escalade. The new Escalade will be a body 
on frame vehicle built on the basic chassis that will be used for the 
new Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. GM officials refused to discuss 
the timing of the new Escalade but the betting is it will emerge as a 
2015 model in early 2014. Meanwhile, G/m isn't talking about 
powertrains but hybrid and diesel are thought to be in the mix because 
of the tougher fuel economy standards that will prevail in the years to 
come. However, the bottom line was GM decided the Escalade was too 
profitable to let die as began rolling out the new trucks last this 
year and early next year. The truck, which has been delayed by the 
bankruptcy, represents one of GM's most important launches during the 
next several months.


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