Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lexus shows off all new top of the line model

Toyota has taken the wraps of its new Lexus LS series as it unveiled the latest version of the Ls460 as well as a new hybrid version, the Lexus LS 600h and a sportier F-series model.
The exterior of the new LS has been comprehensively redesigned, according to Lexus offiicials, who emphasized the latest version can be equipped with all-LED exterior lighting, including vertical foglamps incorporating the world’s smallest PES lens, and unique, L-shaped, seamless light tube Daytime Running Lights.
Reflecting the direction next-generation Lexus models will take, the LS460 also features a new spindle grille frontal design awards the vehicle a
combination of enhanced elegance, greater road presence and stronger brand identity
entirely appropriate to a flagship model.The heightened perception of dynamism represented by the new spindle grille design heralds a significant improvement in driving dynamics, responsiveness and handling agility.
A new, laser screw welding and adhesive body bonding techniques have increased overall
body rigidity. This not only enhances stability, but also allows for a more comfortable ride without undercutting the car’s handling agility.
The LS460 is also equipped with  a new 4-wheel interlock control evolution of the Adaptive Variable Suspension,  pitch and bounce control has been enhanced to give an even flatter, road-hugging
ride. The revised steering offers immediately noticeable improvements in accuracy and turn-in
response. And the braking system has been enhanced for more immediate power and
greater pedal feel.
A new Drive Mode Select system features up to five switchable driving modes – from  Eco,
to comfort, normal, Sport S and Sport S+, to optimise the driver’s preferred combination of economy, comfort, performance and handling characteristics.
The all-new LS F SPORT combines more sporting, aggressive exterior and interior design
with genuine dynamic enhancements, including the lowering of ride height by 10 mm,
Brembo® 6-pot calliper front brakes, and paddle shift controls.
Rear-wheel drive LS 460 models further benefit from the addition of a Torsen  limited
slip differential and paddle shift incorporating automatic throttle blipping on downshifts.
 The  LS 600h versions are equipped with an Active Stabiliser System.
 The LS 460 F SPORT also adds an intake sound creator to the engine, amplifying the
vibration of the intake pulse, which is also brought right into  the cabin. By Joseph Szczesny


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