Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eminem to use Dodge Durago at Grammies

Word is Chyrsler and Eminem are talking about a deal  that could have the Detroit Rapper appear in more television spots for the automaker.  The Chrysler Super Bowl spot, featuring Eminem has drawn more than one million unique visits on "You Tube" and the number is still climbing. Eminem,though, doesn't have a contract with Chrysler for more spots. Nevertheless, the lack of signed contract  apparently won't stop Eminem and Chrysler from doing some additional business. Word from inside Chrysler is that Eminem and his "posse" are  now scheduled to arrive at Grammy awards this weekend in four, brand-new Dodge Durangos, which are made at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly.
 Eminem is expected to get plenty of attention during the Grammy telecast because of his last CD has proven wildly popular and has been termed both a financial and artistic success. Interestingly  Eminen apparently hasn't forgotten his days working in a Detroit auto parts plants and actually prefers to help promote vehicles that are actually made in the Detroit Metropolitan area.


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