Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dodge to leave NASCAR

 Chrysler plans to drop off the NACAR racing circuit for the 2013 racing season.
 "It's a very complicated situation," said Ralph Gilles,  the Chrysler executive responsible for the company's motorsports effort. "We didn't want this day to come but it  did," Gilles said during a a conference call. "We've been in the sport since 2001" he added. Gilles explained by the decision was driven by the decision of Penske Racing to leave the Dodge brand for the Ford Motor Co. Ford basically made Roger Penske an offer he really could refuse, noted Gilles, who noted Chysler had spent a significant amount of time looking for another race team to replace Penske before deciding to forego NASCAR racing for the 2013 season.  "There's not a lot of capacity out there," added Gilles, who noted Chrysler's motor sports activity had continued to work on the development of a new NASCAR racer right up until last week when the decision was finally made not to race next season. "We didn't want this day to come but it did," he said. "We leave with a heavy heart," he said. By Joseph Szczesny


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