Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Hyundai Azera makes big impression

Hyundai is delighted with the sales of its new full-size Azera, which competes with cars such as the Buick LaCrosse, Nissan Maxima and Ford Taurus. Since the launch of the all-new Azera  earlier this year,  dealers have had a hard time keeping it in stock, dealers report. According to J.D. Power PIN data, the new Azera sits on a dealer’s lot for an average of 16 days before being sold, compared with a Nissan Maxima at 65 days, Toyota Avalon at 28 days, Buick LaCrosse at 63 days and the Ford Taurus at 70 days. Moreover, the new Azera is enjoying a 61 percent conquest rate.
 Hyundai executive credit both the Azera’s sleek design and new powertrain, which features  the Lambda II 3.3-liter , direct injection V6 engine, a six-speed transmission. Hyundai engineers boosted highway and combined fuel economy by one MPG to 30 and 24 respectively, making Azera the first V6 powered Hyundai to achieve 30 MPG highway as well as 293 horsepower.  In addition, the second generation Azera boasts a wide range of advanced safety equipment and outstanding fuel economy. For the 2013 model year,  By Joseph Szczesny



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