Friday, September 7, 2012

BMW says model with 12-cylinder engine ready

 Rising gas prices are not an issue here. BMW is rolling out a  a  special limited edition 25th Anniversary Edition 760Li V-12, whhch officials from the German automaker said reflects the  rich tradition of V-12 engines that began back in 1987 with the first appearance of the  groundbreaking BMW 750iL when BMW engineers crafted the most Ultimate Driving Machine of its day with the introduction of its first automotive V-12 engine. 
 If you think BMW will have to worry about unsold inventor, piling up on dealer lots around the country, think again. BMW plans to make only 15 of these very limited edition models  available to US customers on a special order basis only for BMW Center delivery in early 2013 at a price of $159,695 including destination and handling the company said as it announced the first details of the commemorative car this week. By Joseph Szczesny


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